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Right Brain Child is passionate about art and all things creative. We want to share our passion and knowledge and inspire our future generations by delivering inspirational and inventive art activities to children and young people that will nurture and inspire creativity.


Our Key Initiatives are to…


  • Develop self expression, confidence and self-esteem.

  •  Encourage team-work, co-operation and communication.

  • Enhance awareness of art forms, other cultures and use of art techniques.

  • Provide a worthwhile and memorable experience.

  • Enrich curriculum learning.


We work closely with professional bodies and organisations, drawing on knowledge, skills and research to enhance our own understanding and practice of working with children. We are dedicated to professional development of our company’s practice, ethos, and program through continuous training and development.


Why Right Brain Child?

Have you ever heard people say that they tend to be more of a right-brain or left-brain thinker?  Given the popularity of the idea of "right brained" and "left brained" thinkers, it might surprise you learn that this idea is little more than a myth. It is often said those who are creative are "Right Brained", and while it is indeed a myth, it is a great metaphor for what we as an institution believe in. We believe all children are "right brained", and nurturing that creativity from an early age will help set them on a path that emphasizes critical and creative thinking.

So let your inner Right Brain Child loose! Imaginations are always free to run wild in our studio!



Our Bio


Adam Beanish is an Artist, Illustrator and Arts Facilitator out of North Bay, Ontario. With formal training in Fine Art and Animation, Adam has worked with public galleries, museums and schools throughout the province in developing and delivering their arts facilitation, education and programming.

When not teaching, Adam can be found under a pile of comics, biking, playing board games and volunteering on a variety of boards throughout the region.


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