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Baby Art Crawls
6 months- 12 months

Our Baby Art Crawls are designed to be the ultimate sensory experience! Using our all natural vegan baby paints and our infant friendly  facility, you can feel at ease knowing wandering hands finding mouths wont be a worry. We also have bath tubs and all the towels and soap on hand to make clean up a breeze! Nothing in our studio is precious, so babies are free to explore to their hearts content!

Note: This is NOT a weekly class. Please call ahead to book the studio for you and some friends.



Toddler Group

12 months- 3 years


We understand young children spend the first three years of life discovering the world. They gather, collect, examine and process more stimuli in the pre-school years than any other time in their development, preparing their brains for more advanced learning. Our Toddler group is designed to stimulate the senses through a variety of art mediums. 

Parents are encouraged to participate with their child.


Young Rembrandts

3-5 years

Weekly classes helps pre-school children:

  • Learn to follow directions

  • Hold and use a pencil

  • Understand and draw basic shapes

  • Stay on task and complete activities

  • Increase their attention span

  • Gain fine motor and handwriting skills

  • Develop their image vocabulary

  • Enhance their communication skills

  • Kindergarten readiness

  • Increase their self confidence and self esteem


Petit Picasso's

6-12 years

Animation/Drawing Classes

Our elementary-age curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. Right Brain Child offers drawing classes for children ages 6 to 12.


As students are introduced to a new subject matter each week, they learn a variety of art concepts including:

  • Portraiture

  • Perspective

  • Still life

  • Realism/Abstraction

  • Art history

  • Color theory

  • Fundamental composition skills

  • Line and patterning

  • Art vocabulary


Enrolling your child in Right Brain Child  will provide them with a comprehensive art literacy that serves them well not just at the drawing table, but in school and on into adulthood.

Arts & Crafts
Art is an adventure! Our Arts & Crafts class aims to encourage young artists to discover a wide variety of art materials and techniques—from painting and drawing to sculpture and printmaking.  New artists will be amazed by the spectacular artworks they can create and returning ones can refine their skills. New projects every session.

Improv Acting

Have a Dramatic kid in your life?  Improv may be for them!
Through a series of acting games, exercises, and interplay, we develop our students into effective creative communicators through play.  Whether you have a wallflower who has a hard time joining in, or a stage hog who could use a little more focus in their life, a little structured play goes a long way.

Improv Includes:
- Acting games
- Scene work
- Costume work
- Mask play

Improv Improves:
- Collaborative Teamwork
- Effective Communication
- Channeling Focus
- Public Speaking
- Active Listening




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