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Just What The Heck Do I Do With All This Art?!

The pile of art on the kitchen counters... We all have it. If youre at all like us, tossing it into the trash is usually coupled with pangs of guilt and worry that someday you will have wished you kept it. Luckily, there is an app for that. Its called Artkive. An app designed to eliminate the overwhelming guilt you get tossing your children’s brilliant artwork, allows you to order printed out books of their creations. Instead of just hiding the child’s crumpled up drawings and precious finger-paint covered handprints that school sends home – what is now, like every day? – under cereal boxes and empty bags of chips, you can assure yourself that you’ve found a more efficient means of saving these items instead. You snapped a photo of them.

The sense of relief is overwhelming, I tell you.

OK, I kid…a little.

But as any parent will tell you, kids’ art output is overwhelming, forcing you to curate with a heavy hand. That’s why so many parents have begun snapping photos of the art before it hits the trash. Artkive takes those snapped photos, and compiles them into beautifully laid out art books worthy of any gallery gift shop.

Books can either be 8×8″ or 8×11″, and start at $25 for 20 pages. Each additional page is $1.00 more. Artkive is available for purchase on iOS and Android.


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