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New years resolutions, tooth brushing, and a Free Printable

Did anyone's kids actually manage to stay up until midnight last night? Our own Right Brain Child was so determined to last the night... made it to 10:30pm. Not a bad attempt at all I'd say. With new years come new resolutions. Teeth brushing is a bit of a chore at our home, so we decided as a family we would all help Sophia work towards brushing her teeth every morning and night...without a fuss. (Thats the key here...ha ha) To make it more fun and to keep it feeling like an event for her, we splurged on a fun new electric tooth brush, some toothpaste from our friends at Growing Up Green, and a sticker achievement chart! And since DC Superhero Girls is the new obsession in house, we went with that theme. Click here to download your own DC Superhero Girls tooth brushing chart and let us know how you plan on spending 2017! Dont forget our Winter 2017 session is still registering! Click here for more info.

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